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The only comprehensive turnkey physician office laboratory (POL) development and operational oversight company for medical group practices in wound care and podiatry.
MDx Partners, LLC offers physician group practices involved in wound care and podiatry the only comprehensive turnkey laboratory development and oversight model. This allows the group partnership to provide the highest level of molecular diagnostics to their patients, while retaining laboratory revenues that are commonly sent out to independent clinical reference laboratories. 
The MDx Partners, LLC model provides all CLIA regulatory, clinical methodology development, instrumentation and equipment, personnel training and lab operational oversight necessary for a physician office laboratory (POL).  Please review this website for more information on this physician group practice lab ownership model to include more specific information on our services, the technology and the regulatory basis for allowing physician group practices to own and refer patient specimen to their POL.
MDx Partners

MDx Partners


About Us

MDx Partners is run by an experienced lab management team that has built and managed 15 licensed and certified laboratories for physician group practices and investor groups over the last decade.  We employ highly credentialed CLIA compliance team and maintain a staff of seasoned laboratory personnel to train new hires and supervise all of our clients’ laboratory operations.
MDx Partners offers its physician group practice clients a comprehensive and turnkey CLIA high-complexity clinical diagnostic laboratory testing solution focused on pathogen (bacteria and fungi) identification utilizing real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and next generation sequencing (NGS).  These cutting edge diagnostic tools are well suited for the wound care and nail fungus treatment markets.
In MDx Partners, Physicians and other healthcare professionals in these markets have a true partner that intimately understands and rapidly responds to their needs.  Our lab development and oversight personnel will work in cooperation with the healthcare professionals they serve, to assist them in providing the basis for the most accurate patient diagnostics available today.
MDx Partners offers the exclusive "CE4MD "Program to raise the level of diagnostics provided to physician group practices and their patients.


Diagnostic Technologies for Pathogen Identification

Microbiology Culture

  • Nearly 200 years old

  • Results in 2-4 weeks

  • 60% accuracy

  • Identifies less than 1% of the known human pathogens

Real-Time PCR

  • Modern technology

  • Results within 48 hours

  • 99% accuracy, limited to small panels of pathogens 

  • Bacterial resistant genes

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

  • Cutting edge technology

  • Results in 3 to 5 days

  • 99.9% accuracy

  • 25,000 human pathogens

DNA Testing vs. Culturing

Culturing             DNA Testing

2 to 4 weeks           2 to 5 days

1000 species        25000 species

60% accuracy       99% accuracy

200 yrs old            Cutting edge

POL negative        POL positive

Pathologist         No Pathologist

Clinical Studies & Better Outcomes

The Advent of Molecular Diagnostics has led to the following Improvements in Patient Care

  • Rapid identification of causative pathogens

  • More targeted treatment options

  • Better outcomes

Grow Your Practice

Physicians and group medical practices rely on the Stark law’s in-office ancillary services exception rule and physician services exceptions to allow "within-practice" DHS referrals, to include laboratory testing.  This exception allows providers in group practices to:

  • Make in-office lab referrals

  • Bill Medicare & Medicaid

  • Retain and use these revenues for group practice expenses and physician compensation  



Discovery Phase

Includes a review of the group practice metrics, a feasibility study to understand the needs and financial viability of the medical group practice for a physician office laboratory (POL)

Planning & Design

Planning Includes site reviews and selection, instrument and equipment needs and personnel sourcing , job descriptions and selection.  Lab Design includes instrument and equipment placement, work flow and information systems. 

Pre-Launch Project Management

  • Regulatory review

  • CLIA certification and compliance

  • Sourcing of a Lab Director

  • CLIA inspection preparation

  • Personnel training

Laboratory Operations & Oversight

Includes laboratory testing QC/QA, new assay development and validation, personnel supervision, technical support and the on-going day-to-day operations of the laboratory



357 Riverside Dr STE 100, 

Franklin, TN 37064

Tel: 1-888-939-3995

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